The Wobbly Brewers

Where the magic happens

Wobbly Brewery & Events Ltd has SIBA Gold Award Winning Status, on one of our outstanding Brews, in the ever-expanding range of fine Ales.

This did not happen by accident. Our story begins with a humble Welder plying his trade, as he stares into the sparks from one of his many practical creations, he dreams of Beer.

Just a Lager & Cider man by nature mostly living for the Weekends, little did he know just a few years later he’d be running his own Brewery.

Known as The Wobbly Welder and finding the finance to start a microbrewery, the irony that he regularly helped construct brewery plant for the likes of Scottish & Newcastle and Heineken, was not lost, and gradually with the help of friends and backers, the dream began to take shape.

Now Wobbly Brewery has a state of the art brewing HQ in Hereford, and their beers are becoming renowned far and wide…