A variety of sophisticated tastes for the craft ale enthusiast.


The Welder is a modern pale ale with a traditional English  and sweet floral aroma, lead by the superb Golding Hops.

Classic winter fruit notes of loganberry and blackberry are the perfect compliment to a full matt background.



The Wabbit by it's very definition is a "hoppy pale ale" brewed using American Cascade, Citra and Centennial hops.

Strong citrus and tropical fruit aromas compliment the traditional extra pale malt base.

A fine selection for the craft beer enthusiast.


IPA No.3

An export strength, aromatic India Pale Ale brewed to perfection creating a plethora of citrus and tropical fruit lifts all complimenting a hoppy base.

A personal tipple developed for the Welder's taste.

6.0% ABV




A true Golden Ale in every sense, brewed using German brewers gold hops, renowned for it's well balanced bitterness.

Lashings of Cara Gold malt and aromas of lemon balm and spice compliment a moreish malt base.



Like the feather from the crow, our stout is dark and glossy with a perfectly balanced bitter sweetness.

Aromas of winter berries punch through from the characteristic Bramling Cross hop complimented with pale and chocolate malts for the contrasting, subtle bitterness.



A twist on the American hopped amber ale.

Complex malt layers packed with loads of traditional American hops providing delicious tropical flavours and a big citrusy aroma