Wobbly brewery has recently been expanding our facilities to allow universal brewing options for smaller businesses to create their brews using our Hereford based facilities.

We have a 20-barrel brew house which is now taking contracts (which are flexible) for universal brewers to come in with your brewer and rent our highest specification hygienic facilities to create your drinks.

The Wobbly Brewery has designed this service (one of only a few in the UK!) to allow smaller breweries to have a chance at bringing in larger scale brews without the costs of building your own brewery.

Offering this also takes out all the paperwork and stress of long-term management!

Your business can come in for days, weeks or even months. on a regular basis use of our facilities. We are looking for anything from a 12-month agreement to a one off brew so please do not feel that we can cater for your needs.

Enquire about Universal Brewing

The spaces on this are very limited so please register your interest by calling our offices on 01432 355 318.

The wobbly brewery is also working on providing canning solutions for all drinks (including non alcoholic). Please phone for more details on this.